Meet Our Governing Authorities

Board of Directors

President – Ben Campbell

  • Preside over meetings
  • Assist the Treasurer with the annual budget
  • Appoint and coordinate the BOD committee chairpeople
  • Act as an ex-officio member of all POA committees
  • Act as the chairperson for the BOD and POA
  • Coordinate Board planning to conduct POA meetings
  • Deal with external vendors on contracts and POA issues
  • Perform other duties as necessary

Vice President – Jason Poudrier

  • Assume duties of the president in their absence
  • Act as an aide to the president
  • Monitor the actions of all committees
  • Act as liaison with County Commissioner
  • Deal with external vendors on contracts and POA issues
  • Coordinate special projects and meetings

Treasurer – Justin Bezner

  • Oversee disbursements & receipts
  • Keep accounting records of funds collected and bills paid
  • Review financials and make regular status reports
  • Follow budgeting and bookkeeping procedures
  • Present financial statements at meetings
  • Make recommendations to BOD on current finances.

Secretary – Justin Bezner

  • Provide all correspondence duties for POA
  • Record and publish minutes of meetings
  • Assume custody of all POA records
  • Maintain copies of By-Laws and CCR’s
  • Keep records of all elections

Common Board of Director Responsibilities

  • Nominate and approve, or remove, committee members
  • Review and approve, or deny, actions proposed by the committees
  • Conduct spring and fall POA meetings (and other meetings as needed)
  • Enforce the POA CCRs and By-Laws

Responsibilities and Duties of the Board of Directors

  • Enforce the POA CCRs and By-Laws
  • Seek POA approval of appropriate revisions of CCRs and By-Laws
  • Collect POA fees and implement liens and foreclosures for unpaid fees
  • Establish a budget and complete internal audit on books
  • Maintain the POA mailing list
  • Maintain and enhance the front entrance and nature trails (POA common grounds)
  • Publish a newsletter and provide other informational venues for membership
  • Maintain Internet domain and web site
  • Address requests for information or questions about the POA
  • Establish needed POA policies to address critical issues and operating procedures
  • Establish and make sure committees are organized and functioning
  • Nominate and approve assignment, or removal, of committee chairs and members
  • Assess and revise job descriptions as needed
  • Approve, or deny proposals submitted by committees to the Board (ACC variances, POA recreation plans, etc.)
  • Prepare, advertise, and conduct a Spring POA Meeting for information exchange and actions needed
  • Prepare, advertise, and conduct a Fall POA Voters Meeting (BOD election, any item for a POA vote, discussion, and information exchange)
  • Prepare, advertise, and conduct any special POA meetings needed
  • Address action items from lists compiled at POA meetings
  • Develop and maintain community relations (sheriff, county commissioner, etc.)
  • Conduct a survey on how BOD/POA is performing, as needed